We believe in protecting our home, planet Earth.
This means that we integrate sustainability into everything we do, making deliberate decisions about who we work with, how we work & what materials we use. 
We work with suppliers who source only the best raw materials, grown or produced in ways that do not harm people, animals or the environment.
All of our clothing is made using 100% GOTS certified organic cotton from India, or an organic cotton blend with recycled polyester from China.  

Organic cotton comes from seeds that have not been genetically modified (non-GMO) and is grown without the use of chemical pesticides or fertilisers. Organic cotton farming uses natural methods, such as crop rotation, which benefit not only the soil, animal life and the environment, but create biodiversity and promote good health and quality of life for farmers and their communities.

A cotton plant needs roughly 180-200 days from planting to be ready for harvest.
Cotton is one of the world’s oldest known fibres. Seeds represent 66% of the weight of cotton balls.

Recycled polyester uses less water and energy than it would to produce virgin polyester. Most studies show that between 33-53% less energy is used to create recycled polyester vs virgin. In addition, less CO2 emissions are produced and the use of non-renewable resources are not needed.


We use 100% biodegradable & reusable kraft mailing bags to ship all of our products and encourage all of our customers to re-use their LUV kraft mailing bag for other things, such as storing their groceries, storing books & other clothing items, composting or as a recycling/rubbish bag etc.
The process of making kraft paper was invented by Carl F. Dahl in 1879 in Prussia, Germany. The word kraft derives from the German word for strength because of the paper’s superior strength.
Kraft paper is made by pulverising and blending wood pulp material into large rolls of brown filament. These filaments are not colour treated which explains the natural brown colour. Minimal chemical processing also means it is 100% biodegradable and Its strength and eco-friendly qualities
make it ideal for packaging.